January 23, 2010

Day 22 (Mrs. Fix-it)

So I totally deserve the Mrs. Fix-it award for this month. Not only have I replaced every single light bulb in the house, replaced and installed a new ceiling fan/light, fixed the electrical (with the help of my father in-law) and replaced every single door knob in the house… I smashed up my index finger of my right hand while I was chiseling out the door knob hole to make the new ones fit. I felt like a legit carpenter. Cause I did all this and I have injury to prove it! Lol well, I guess to be initiated into the fraternal hood of “People who think they know what they are doing but really have no idea Club.” So maybe I just deserve the “Tim Taylor Award of Excellence.” If you don’t know who that is, then my friend you are outta the loop. O well I feel like I’ve accomplished something so I guess that is all that maters. If I don’t do it, my husband is too busy with work and school, no one will.

That is all for today. Happy Saturday everyone!

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