January 16, 2010

Day 15 (delayed wiegh in)

So I didn’t forget to weigh in yesterday, I was just way too busy to come down in the basement and write about it. So after spending my two days being a good housewife, I’m back in action, or at least writing about it.

So After cheating and what not I did better then I expected to do as far as weight loss. I was actually expecting to not loose anything if not gain weight. But to my satisfaction I lost. Not a whole lot. But enough. As of yesterday morning I was at…

234.6 Pounds
So that’s a total of 2.6 pounds lost this week.
And a Grand total of:
9 Pounds total

That’s awwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!! My clothes are starting to get a little baggier. Which make me feel pretty damn sexy if I don’t say so myself.
So in celebration of the new change in lifestyle I felt the need to change something about my hair. I almost chopped it all off and got a Mohawk. But my stylist Tanya knows me better and I’ve told her many times if I tell her to chop it off, not to. So she is an awesome friend and kept her promise. But at any rate, I now have bangs, and I dyed my hair a little different. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the bangs because I haven’t had those since I met Ty, but I like them. I really like them.

Speaking of the doteing husband. He kind of made me mad Thursday night. I’m trying my hardest to stay strong and not cheat any more. I went into the kitchen to get a Chocolate Coconut Atkins Bar, and they were all gone! WHATTTT!?!?!?!??!!!!?!? I went to Ty and he said that they were very yummy. He then proceeded to go eat a Peanut butter and Honey sandwich. What the F**K. I mean either do it or don’t. Don’t go eat all the stuff that helps me do it and then go have a sammich. Grrrr…
Needless to say when I cleaned out the pantry and fridge I made sure that all his stuff is separate from mine. I’ve got all kinds of good Atkins friendly treats.

I did make an interesting snack that was very satisfying. I took pepperchini peppers and I filled them with cream cheese. Very yummy. I’ve found with talking to Mary that its way better to focus on all the yummy stuff you can eat instead of focusing on the stuff you can’t eat. And I guess that would be my final thought for the evening. I know it was kind of random and not coherent at all. But oh well.

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