January 02, 2012

Rule #1 Cardio

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Sooooooo..... a couple of things made me uber Happy today.... 

1.)   Even though its New years day, there was no one at the gym
2.)   When I sat down on my recumbent bike this evening, Star Wars was on TV.  (Which made the geek in me extremely happy.)
3.)  I burned 403 Calories with 1 hour on the bike, (Rule #1 of Zombieland helped to motivate me this evening.  If you don't know what Rule #1 is on Zombieland, watch the clip)


4.)   Even though Mike told me not to weigh myself for 30 days, I cheated.  I stepped on the scale tonight after my workout..... and I was as 245.6, from 253.


     Mike told me that I shouldn't weigh myself except once a month.   He said for the first couple of months you are exchanging muscle for fat.  So he said you may weigh the same from one week to another, but have less fat and more muscle.  He told me to pay attention to how your clothes are fitting.
     Which is another reason I'm also happy.  In the beginning of November I went to Torrid and bought several pairs of new Jeans, (because my old ones were getting worn out, big girls know what I'm talking about).  They were size 20, and when I bought them they were tight.  So tight in fact, that I had to wash them, then let them air dry so they wouldn't shrink.  BUT NOW!!!!!!!  They come straight out of the dryer and are fit normal around my waist, and baggy around my legs. 

   So I'm going to end tonight on a good note.....

   With time, energy, and perseverance..... I will prevail!!!!!

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