January 15, 2012


Mike for Christmas had bought me a stretching/yoga book/DVD. So, today I bought a yoga mat..... a nice cushy one for the knees.... ^u^

I also bought another yoga DVD.   It is it broken up into different parts of the body, Abs, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body.  Each segment is 15 minutes.  Which for me is nice, it's long enough that it works; but, quick enough so that if it hurts, it's over relatively quickly.

I did the yoga for abs today.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Its hard to think that by holding a position for about 10-20 seconds that it would work as much as it does.  But, good gravy does it work.  Then of course just to add a bit more of awesomeness to the abs, I did Planks..... Fuck, I HATE planks. 

It's like, how can we make push ups more painful then sit ups?  I know!  Lets have someone hold a push up for 20 seconds on their hands or elbows pushing their ass in the air.  Yeah that's it, that's the ticket.


Whoever first invented these should be taken out back and beaten. 

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