January 05, 2012

Hey Joe what do ya know....

Houston we have a trainer..... Well kind of...

I went to the gym this morning to use the bike for some cardio.  While I was there, I met Joe.  I was a little scared to talk to him.  I must say it was rather intimidating and embarrassing.  But, anyways, I was on the bike and he came up and started talking to me.  And in all fairness I had emailed him about his classes, so he knew a little of my situation.

We set up a time for Monday. 

Woo Hoo!

 He said that there is a bunch of stuff he would like to show me that he thinks I might be able to do. Which made me feel good.  That I'm not a lost cause.  Then he left.

I continued to work on the bike for a while.  Then, all of the sudden, he came back.  He said he wanted to show me some of the stuff now. 

OOooooookaaaaaaaaaaaayyy.... I'm not gonna complain.  lol

He had me try some stretching stuff.  Man, most of it sucked hard.  He had me rolling on some foam cylinders.   JEEZ ZUUSSSS, did that suck balls.  He said it was kind of like when you work out the knots in your back.  He had me roll over several spots that just about made me stop.  But he said each time I do this it will get easier, and hopefully less painful.  Thanks goodness.

So I did the things he showed me and then waited for Ty to finish up, and went home.

What's that you say?? 

"I thought you would never go to the gym wtih Ty again?"

Well, I did go with him to the gym; however, he wasn't telling me what to do.  So I was ok with it.

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ravan said...

Awesome, Stina!! Bekah trained w/ Joe for a few months before Vegas and he really helped her out!!