December 12, 2011

He who makes a beast of himself...

Today I made my very first trip to the intimidating GNC.  I'm lactose intolerant, so I wanted to see if they had soy protein powder for after my workout. 

Of course when I walk in there is a dude working the counter who looks like he spends about 8 hours a day in the gym.  O well.  I go up to him and ask him if they have soy, and they do!  WOO HOO!!  Pickings were slim as far as flavors, but beggars can't be choosers.  I bring home my goodies, and get ready for dinner, (homemade vegetable soup).

After getting the munchkin ready for bed, I headed out with Mike to the gym, (Ty stayed home with Missy). 

I was so happy to find that there wasn't anyone there. 

Tonight we did lats, biceps, and abs.  So, Mike basically showed me how to set up and use the machines.  He told me that tonight I need to keep my heart rate up, that I would start on the bike, lift, then go back to the bike.

So I started on the cardio setting on the recumbent bike for 12 minutes.  OMG! It just about kicked my ass.   It went from level 1 to 16 in about 5 minutes.  My thighs were burning, and I almost stopped, then a song came over the radio; Avenged Sevenfolds - Bat Country

"He who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man."  As cheesy as it sounds, it totally helped me to push through.  Then it rose to level 19.  Jeez I thought I was gonna die, then came the section in the song:

Can't you help me as I'm startin' to burn (all alone).
Too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction.
My confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone).
No one can save me and you know I don't want the attention.

Granted, this song I'm sure has some relation to drugs, as the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Theme indicates.  But, I made me think that I'm on my own, no one else can do this for me.  I have to push through, and before I knew it, the level went down and I was done.

I worked on the Lat Row Machine, did bicep curls, and leg lifts, one after the other trying to keep my heart rate up as I did them.  I did and extra set of 20 each, because I felt like I could. 

Then I went back to the Bike again, for another 30 minutes, on the weight loss setting.  It was nice because I felt like I was working.  Sweating my ass off. 
Then, another song came on the radio, from one of favorite artists/bands; White Zombie, More Human then Human. 

I had to pool all my strength and endurance.  It made me try to go as fast as I could for the last 5 minutes.  I was happy I was able to get through the last 5 at 90 RPM.... I think next time I'll go for 100 RPM.   Now on to tomorrow!!

Also FYI, the Vanilla Soy Protein Powder from GNC is excellent!


Kathi Manville said...

Proud of you!

Mandy said...

Way to go!! Going to GNC is not easy lol I hate going there!! Good luck on your journey!!!!